Indian Actor Priyadarshi New Movie Review- MAIL KAMBALAPALLY kathalu

Indian Actor Priyadarshi New Movie Review- MAIL KAMBALAPALLY kathalu

The Indian actor Priyadarshi born PriyadarshiPullikonda, has been working in the Telugu film industry since 2016 when he acted in Terror as a terrorist. He had received fame and recognition when he acted as Kaushik in the film PelliChoopulu. His acting has also been critically acclaimed in films like Mallesham, Mithai, and Mail, where he played a leading character in supporting roles. Most of these films were released in 2019 or before that. The most recent films of Priyadarshi that were released in 2021 with his roles were Mail as Hybath, Naandhi as Radha Prakash, JathiRatnalu as Sekhar, A1 Express, F3 as Darshi, and RadheShyam. Out of all these films, Mail is the film that has been most critically acclaimed. So if you want to watch movies online HD like Mail, you should download an OTT platform for Telugu films.

The film Mail proved the mettle Priyadarshi as an actor. The film has been written and directed by UdayGurrala, and Priyanka Dutt has produced it. Kamran has given the score of the film, and SweekarAgasthi gave the music. ShyamDupatiati and UdayGurrala handled the cinematography of the film. The film features stars like HarshithMalgireddy as Ravi, Mani Aegurla as Subbu, GauriPriya as Roja, and a few others, along with Priyadarshi in the role of Hybath. If you are an avid fan of Priyadarshi and want to watch movies HD online of Priyadarshi, you should watch Mail on Telugu’s best OTT platform.

The story is about Ravi, who is the protagonist of the film played by HarshithMalgireddy. He is an innocent lad who wants to pursue his career in the line of computer and technology. Although he is very keen on learning more about computers and the internet, there is no facility for learning about computers in the village of Kambalapally in Telangana. The film has been set in this particular village in the year 2005. When Priyadarshi, in the role of Hybath, opens up the first computer and internet cafe in the village, it opens up a new door for Ravi.

Ravi approaches Hybath to teach him how to work on the internet and operate a computer. With the condition that he has to be given liquor almost every day, Hybath agrees to teach Ravi how to operate a computer and work on the internet. He even helps Ravi in opening an email account. This is the source of the misery that is displayed in the film. Ravi’s challenges are very realistic, and the ending of the film is quite pleasant and satisfying. You should watch Telugu moviesonline like Mail to understand how life’s challenges can be solved if you have the right support.

Priyadarshi played a brilliant, supportive role and supported the protagonist until the end of the story. All the comic scenes and the scenes of dishevelment are projected in a completely natural way by Priyadarshi and the leading actor.