Latest Updates And Effects Of Pandemic On NYSE: ZUO

Latest Updates And Effects Of Pandemic On NYSE: ZUO

Making money has never been easy, but to make money quickly and effortlessly, one can always invest in the stock market. There are ample stocks in the market waiting for investors, and even though there is a probability of losing money as stocks are a subject of market risk yet, there are some stocks that are bearing huge profit and are safe for investing. One such stock is the NYSE: ZUO at It belongs to a renowned company Zuora.

All about Zuora

Zuora is a cloud-based software. The company Zuora Inc. was incorporated in the year 2006. The headquarters are located in San Mateo, California. It works based on subscription and helps various companies in launching and managing several industries in a subscription business. It offers these companies a platform that acts as a subscription management hub and manages the processes like billing, quoting, analytics, collections, and revenue recognition. The products include Zuora Billing, Zuora CPQ, Zuora Revpro, Zuora Insights, and Zuora Collect. These products are sold directly with the GSI partners, and the stock NYSE: ZUO also belongs to this company. Various industries belonging to different categories like media, hardware, transportation, healthcare, construction, retail, education, etc., take the help of these products all around the world.

Summary of the stock:

  • ZUO first went public about two years ago. This makes it less old than other stocks.
  • The current price to trailing 12-month cash flow is 903.3. This is higher than about99.58% of other US stocks that hold positive cash flow.
  • The debt growth rate of Zuora INC. is more than 96.22% of other US stocks.

Impact of COVID-19 on Zuo

To study the impact of the worldwide pandemic on this stock, one should go through the following points:

  • The stock of Zuora was trading on March 11th at $9.96.
  • COVID-19 reached the status of a worldwide “pandemic” on March 11, itself, as per the WHO (World health organization). After March 11, the stock of NYSE: ZUO has increased by a decent 19.2%, while many other stocks went straight to negative figures.
  • Presently, this stock is trading at around $11.87.

The quarterly earnings data of ZUO was issued on June 3rd. The earnings per share in that quarter were $0.06, beating the estimated figure of $0.10. Also, during that quarter, the business had earned about $0.11 EPS as well. The press coverage about this stock is also trending with a positive note.

Latest Updates And Effects Of Pandemic On NYSE: ZUO

However, one should thoroughly read, research and learn about the stocks after hours market before investing because not all of them are bearing profit to the investors all the time. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.