What Is Piezoelectric Actuator? Explain Its Advantages

What Is Piezoelectric Actuator? Explain Its Advantages

Piezoelectric actuators are transducer that helps in converting electrical energy. It converts the electrical energy into mechanical displacement or stress based on the piezoelectric effect. It is designed as the piezoelectric bimorph or even has the linear actuator employed in lever mechanisms.

It helps in generating the response speed and force. Do you know what does piezoelectric effect even happens?

When a piezoelectric crystal is placed between the two metal plates, then the mechanical pressure is applied to those metal plates. It forces electric charges in the crystal, which is how it is created. It helps produce motion by converting signals and energy into the system. It is used to adjust the lenses, machining tools, mirrors, and other equipment.

Generate force

  • If you are using the piezoelectric actuators , it will help generate the force of the material or appliances. This can be the best to generate more and more force.
  • It will help convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and convert mechanical energy. Force is needed if you want to convert it into electrical energy.

Improve efficient energy 

  • Another benefit of using the piezoelectric actuators is that they will help in response to the speed and improve the efficiency of energy. It will ease in proportional control and does not create any electromagnetic noise.
  • These are referred to as motors that help convert electric energy into mechanical.